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Issues of personnel policy of the shipping company TRANSFLOT is one of the most important areas in its daily activities. Considering that shipping is an area of activity associated with many risks, the main task of the personnel department of TRANSFLOT is the selection of highly classified and experienced personnel in the field of management and operation of ships, as well as in coastal units, for the most efficient operation of their own fleet.

The priority of TRANSFLOT in the with human resourses is the preservation and multiplication of human capital, ensuring a high level of professionalism that meets modern standards, based on continuity and the development of professional, personal and managerial knowledge and skills.

Basics of the personnel policy of the Company:
- the formation on the vessels of the Company, in all services and divisions of highly classified, reliable and loyal personnel, striving to work effectively and efficiently for the sake of the Company's prosperity. - ensuring the most objective and motivating assessment of staff;
- the maximum possible material and non-material incentives for highly professional and loyal employees to the Company, whose level is confirmed by the results of trouble-free work and the absence of a commercial marriage;
-support of the labor and social life of the staff in the Company in strict accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, state legislative acts, departmental and internal orders and instructions, the collective agreement in force;
- development of professional skills of the Company's employees in accordance with the interests of the Company.

The tasks of the personnel policy of TRANSFLOT are constantly adjusted in accordance with the changes: -in the external environment: in the field of competition, the requirements of labor legislation, departmental acts, the situation on the labor market, the influence of trade unions;
-in the internal environment: the requirement of economic activity, the development strategy and the current financial capabilities of the Company, the permissible level of personnel management costs determined by it; quantitative and qualitative characteristics of existing staff, the necessary direction of their changes in the future.

Principles of personnel policy:
- competent and integrated approach to working with staff.
- efficiency.
- flexible management system.
- equal opportunities.
- fair remuneration for work.
- social security of workers.
- protection of workers from harassment and bullying.
- corporatism and openness.
- awareness of all participants in the process.
- providing feedback: Company-Employee-Company.

Our company offers a job for the crew:
- On the ships of the Company flying the Russian flag
- Duration of contracts 5 +/- 1 months
- Official employment and dismissal in full compliance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and with the entry of work experience in the workbook.
- Acceptable official salary agreed with the Russian Professional Union of Seafarers.
- Payment of monthly premiums for successfully completed cargo flights.
- Payment of monthly premiums for years of service, starting with the second contract.
- Providing employees with special clothing, work shoes and personal protective equipment.

TRASFLOT LTD invites you to official work on the Company's vessels:
- Captains with working diplomas more than 3000 reg.ton
- Chief officers with working diplomas more than 3000 reg.ton
- Second mates
- Chief engineers
- Second engineers
- Watch engineers
- Bosuns
- Able seamen
- Cooks

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